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Do you love writing for us, creating content for the Renome team?

Have you been searching for “write for us”, “tech”, “technology” to write a tech article so far for a blog? Here it is, you will find it more suitable and you will have the opportunity to do it.

You may have Googled a lot about this and would have known that many sites offer guest blog posting sites that are ideal for SEO writers. Here, we provide some of these opportunities for you to join our community. You will get extensive knowledge about it and might have research work for that.

You will only have to provide us with the information for the fruitful growth of our civility by giving your ideas and your means of expression. So far, we have built our position at a good level on the leading guest blogging site, which accepts all our posts.

We are also aware that guest bloggers hear about guest posting opportunities very frequently. Therefore, there may be many questions in your mind regarding this aspect. Therefore, you can ping us at any time you want, and we will clear all your doubts as soon as possible.

Guest Post | Write to us: What are we looking for?

Basically, we are looking for people who have a great idea and creativity to work with. People who have a good role in the research paper and put their thoughts into it would be the best for this job.

Most importantly, we are looking for SEO content writers who have great knowledge to share with people. Those who are very interested in writing content for the latest updates and latest knowledge of technology will be very fruitful for the community.

The people who would provide us with the best content, and then we will build with our team the best bloggers. They will be great tech bloggers to nurture.

We only look for those who are capable of doing this particular job in the best way and will accept the posts of those bloggers. If you think you can fulfill all the required things and can write the best topics on the latest updates that will attract our attention to your post then start with it as soon as possible.

One point to remember, be sure to review all the details we provide you with before submitting any of your posts. We will be very grateful if you do.

Content Submission Guidelines

Below are some of the guidelines you should follow before posting your posts on our websites.

At first, you will have to select some of the content that you plan to write in your post. After that, you will have to send us some of the topics you selected, and then we will decide and provide you with 2-3 topics that you can write about.

Original article

Before we introduce ourselves, think about what you would like to write for us and propose the idea. This is the most crucial part of writing your article as your content needs to be ideal.

This means that you do not provide the articles to us from any other source or copy them from any particular site. You may very well have a research paper before you start your content, but make sure there is no plagiarism. Also, please do not provide us with any content that shows that you endorse any of the brands.

Item Length

Your content should contain a limit of 1000-2000 words.

Submission of theme

Now discussing your topic content, your topic should cover all the important information and latest updates on technology. Also, the content should have posts related to technology news, Gadgets, electronics, etc.


Formatting your article should be the key to your content. This means that your article must appear attractive and attractive to us. This includes making your titles and subtitles in proper alignment with all required optimizations.

Sponsored Content

Now one-day sponsorship has become very common in many sectors. So if you want, even your articles can be sponsored on our site. This will be in the form of a paid guest post and will have a Do-follow link.


Generally, when you write your article, you would put some pictures or images in it to make it look attractive. But make sure that when you put the images, they must be the original images and not from any other source. If so, please send us the source link.

editorial rights

While reviewing your content, we make sure that everything is at a perfect level, which means that editing of your article can be done. Controlling all the minor details and editing them is our right to handle. Therefore, you must accept our point of editing the content you have written.

How to send

It is very important to hear from you, which is the first step involved. We treat each of you as part of our team. This means that we would be very grateful to hear from you and your experience.

Therefore, you will need to provide us with a simple and short biography of yourself with no more than 70 words. He can also share some of the articles that she has previously published. She may be thinking, why are we asking her for this?

So this is not a mandatory thing, but it does bring you one step closer to getting their approval. This means that if your application is selected, you will soon receive a response from us with some more important instructions.

Guest post email:

Frequent questions

Below are some frequently asked questions.

1. Is there any chance if you support free submissions?

No, we do not accept free guest posts.

2. What will be your link to follow?

It’s very simple; If you request a paid guest post, it will be a follow link.

3. Will it support link exchanges?

No, we generally do not support any link exchanges.

4. If my content is great with all the creative and unique ideas, can I get the Do-follow link for free?

No, such priorities are not given. If you opt for it, you have to get the tracking link through a paid post.

#NOTE: We only accept Piad Guest Post. Please do not send us a free email with the guest post. We currently do not accept free guest posts.

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